The current context in which Delta Lavori SpA has to compete, characterized by sudden macroeconomic developments, financial markets instability and progressive changes in the regulatory provisions to be fulfilled, requires clear strategies and effective management processes aimed at protecting and maximizing value.

Since 2017, as a further strengthening of internal control and risk management system, Delta Lavori SpA has set up a continually developing and evolving risk management system aimed at identifying, assessing, managing and monitoring risks as required by the best industry practices.

As part of the risk management system, the Company has defined the universe of risk events with potential impact on operations, classified into five main risk categories and analyzed according to three risk dimensions considered relevant for the characteristics and peculiarities of business and context in which Delta Lavori SpA operates.

1. Risks related to the business context


2. Strategic Risks


3. Financial Risks


4. Legal and regulatory risks


5. Operational risks