The company holders, in agreement with its management, adopted the Management and Control Organizational Model (“Model”), as ruled by the legislative decree n. 231 of June 8, 2001, related to “Regulation of administrative responsibility of legal entities, companies and also associations without legal personality”. The Model and the principles contained therein are intended for the members of the Company, for all employees and, more generally, for all the subjects who perform their work in DELTA LAVORI SpA or for any other natural or legal person, with which DELTA LAVORI SpA comes into contact throughout business relations. This Model also follows the indications contained in the Guidelines and Code of Ethics issued by ANCE and Confindustria, to which the Company complies with by entering to the trade associations in Frosinone.


The Supervisory Body (SB) of DELTA LAVORI SpA was established by the Board of Directors, with the task of supervising the functioning and observance of the Model. The SB of DELTA LAVORI SpA has multi-personal nature and is currently composed by three members, in office until the adoption of the budget on 12/31/2018:

• Sandro Donarelli;

• Valeria Rossi;

• Emiliano Quattrociocchi.

An e-mail address has been set up,, as the official communication channel to the SB.

Delta Lavori SpA has chosen to certify itself according to international norms and standards, reflecting the will to pursue existing objectives in terms of sustainable development.



Delta Lavori SpA adopted a Code of Ethics to express its commitments and ethical responsibilities about business and company activities. It defines the set of values ​​and principles, as well as the lines of behavior, which must be assumed by the company’s managers, by all the people having work relations with the company and in general by all those who work for Delta Lavori SpA, whatever would be their relationship.