Delta Lavori Spa operates in construction, road and hydraulics areas. Its clients include both Public Institutions (local, regional, national) and Private, marked by the realization of civil engineering and construction projects. Since 1996, the company has experienced a period of considerable expansion: starting from a mainly local or mostly regional market, thanks to the experience gained, the availability of a core of skilled workers, suppliers and subcontractors, the company has entered the national market by consolidating more and more the results achieved. This growth is evidenced by the acquisition of job orders with an ever-increasing value that has led the company to achieve a production value for about 73.5 million euros concerning the best five financial years in the last decade, as described in the related financial statements that follow:



2009 € 15,318,451.00

2012 € 14.023.362,00

2014 € 14.036.174,00

2015 € 13.694.073,00

2016 € 16.469.761,00

TOTAL AMOUNT € 73.541.821,00