DELTA LAVORI has drawn up an important plan about training needs for its staff between 2017 and 2018, in the spirit of promoting the value of human resources, with the aim of improving and increasing their experience and knowledge, also with reference to education and respect for legality, to the improvement of communication and leadership and to the issues of knowledge sharing. These are some numbers about training during the current year 2017 (1,500 hours):

employees training in 2017: 660 hours in total for about 30 people (average of 22 hours / person / year)

workers training 2017: 840 hours in total for approximately 70 people (average of 12 hours / person / year)

In terms of competitiveness and significant innovation, DELTA put in place special investments for the implementation of the new B.I.M. System, more accurately described in dedicated section of the Site.