Delta Lavori SpA is constantly committed to defining strategic lines to guarantee the use of safe,accessibleand climate-friendlyenergy.

Delta Lavori SpA constantly performs environmental monitoring in order to identify and systematically evaluate the environmental aspects, and therefore the relative impacts, inherent in all the activities, products and services of the company, and to obtain information for continuous monitoring of the whole ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM.

The headquarters of Delta Lavori SpA in Sora is equipped since 2009 with the installation of photovoltaic systems that made possible to satisfy a large part of the energy needs (over 60%) with a renewable and pollution-free source (solar energy). The use of this technology was born from the need to combine:

Compatibility with architectural and environmental protection requirements.

No noise pollution.

Fossil fuel savings.

Production of electricity without emissions of polluting substances.

Below are the TEP * saved from the production of photovoltaic electricity and supply from the network.

For price statistics, the authority for electricity, gas and water system uses a typical family as a model with the following characteristics:

3-4 components

3 kW of power engaged

700 kWh per year

* TEP = Tons of Oil Equivalent

The company’s park has recently expanded with the purchase of electric vehicles that have allowed significant savings in terms of supply and reduced CO2 emissions.

Some comparative data concerning a telescopic handler: