Delta Lavori Spa’s strength is focused on the values ​​of a traditional society in the land of Ciociaria.

It is a joint-stock company managed by the La Rocca family, where the family atmosphere can be felt in everyday relationships between management and workers, employees and managers.

Those who work in Delta Lavori SpA are loyal and feel like they are part of a group and tend to remain in the company. There are many examples of workers and professionals rewarded for having spent many years working in the company.

Today the company is a consolidated business reality. Delta Lavori SpA designs, creates and manages a wide range of constructions, structural and infrastructural works, services and transports facilities. Delta Lavori SpA is also a “general contractor” for the execution of turnkey works, both for public and private clients.

From planning to creation, thanks to the professional skills of his technicians and workers, Delta Lavori SpA satisfies the various needs linked to the realization of different types of works: civil and industrial infrastructures, management and sports complexes, residential complexes, road and transport infrastructures, urbanization, aqueducts and water treatment, maritime works, environmental protection and reclamation, renewable energy, restoration, project financing and concessions.

In the panorama of greatest works, Delta Lavori SpA represents a company with a capable operational structure, able to manage the different activities, structuring articulated teams for an integrated and flexible response to the needs and requirements of any customer.