The foundations of the current Delta Lavori SpA were laid in 1984 when “Delta Costruzioni SRL” was created under the legal form of a limited liability company. It was established by La Rocca Gaetano who founded an individual company in 1963 and La Rocca Alberto who also created his own company in 1973.

Gaetano, born in 1919, understood that creating a construction company in a still unbuilt country would have meant not only to invent a job, but also a way to express creativity. It represented the possibility of building and bringing one’s own country to the same level of the great most industrialized nations. The history of Delta Lavori SpA, our history, begins as an individual company taking advantage of the wealth of manpower of the time and laying the foundations that will give Alberto, born in 1949, the possibility to evolve to become a joint stock company in 2003.

Delta Lavori SpA is a company managed as a family, hinged on the family’s values in the past with strength of spirit, dedication and tenacity.

Delta Lavori SpA has continuously evolved over the years, following and often anticipating the needs and demands of the market. The changes in the regulatory framework were promptly adopted. It has therefore achieved and consolidated important requirements, which are essential for the execution of a wide range of works. It has obtained the certification in quality management system, in compliance with the standard ISO 9001, and the SOA qualification for unlimited amounts regarding buildings and roads. In recent years, thanks to the evolution of the structure together with the professional growth of the staff and the strengthening of know-how, Delta Lavori SpA has become synonymous with reliability.

In 2003, the company had a further important evolution with the change of its name and legal form, by transforming from a limited liability company (Delta Costruzioni Srl) to a joint stock company (Delta Lavori SpA), thus giving a greater impulse to its growth. Men and women in Delta Lavori SpA have never lost sight of the values ​​that inspired the birth and evolution of the company.

Gaetano La Rocca 1919-2005