The human resources employed are 96 units divided as follows:

a) N. 2 managers;

b) N. 25 technical employees;

c) N. 6 administrative employees;

d) N. 63 workers including 26 specialized, 31 qualified and 6 ordinary workers.

In addition, there are N. 3 external consultants who permanently cooperate with the company.

Among the company partners there are renowned and specialized engineering companies, aimed at the elaboration of technical specialized offers as ruled by the New Procurement Code.

The Company’s organizational structure has recently been reinforced by adding new Departments (Commercial, Operative, Administrative and Management, the last one also covering Risk Management, Management Control, Legal Affairs, Quality, Training and Information Systems) as well as with the introduction of a focus on innovation through investments in “Building Information Modeling” and by giving more emphasis on the development of the Technical Office – Engineering Department in general.

Within the Company Governance, particular emphasis was given to Quality (ISO 9001), Environment (ISO 14001) and Safety Systems (OHSAS 18001), with the aim of guaranteeing important synergies in activities and managed processes, and at the same time by allowing these systems to support specialized job orders.