The foundations of today Delta Lavori SpA are laid in 1984 when, with the legal form of a Limited Company, the “Delta Costruzioni SRL” was founded by contribution from the individual concern La Rocca Gaetano, founded in 1963 and La Rocca Alberto created in 1973.

Gaetano, class 1919, realizes that in a country not completely reconstructed to create a construction business is not only to invent a job but also a way to express his creativity. It’s the possibility to build and to lead his country to the level of the biggest industrialized nations. The story of Delta Lavori SpA, our story, started with an individual concern that lays the bases that will give Alberto the possibility, in 1949, taking advantage of the abundance of labour of that period, to evolve and transform in a public limited company in 2003.

Delta Lavori SpA is a business ruled as a family, based on the past family values: fortitude, commitment and tenacity.

Delta Lavori SpA has continually evolved following and often advancing the market needs and requests. It’s timely adjusted to the change of legal framework. Then it has achieved and consolidated important requisites, essential for the execution of a wide range of kinds of works. It has achieved the Quality Firm managing system certification, according to law ISO 9001 and SOA qualification for unlimited amounts in building and road categories. In these years the structure being successful went hand in hand with the professional growth of workers, the know-how rootedness, Delta Lavori SpA became synonym of reliability.

In 2003 the society structure lived another important evolution changing the company’s name and legal status turning a limited liability (Delta Costruzioni SRL) into a joint-stock company (Delta Lavori SpA) then giving a bigger impulse to its growth. Men and women in Delta Lavori SpA have never lost sight of the values which inspired the birth and the evolution of the firm.

Gaetano La Rocca 1919-2005