Delta Lavori Spa keeps its strength from Ciociaria traditional society values.

It’s an enterprise managed by La Rocca family, where the family climate is breathed in daily contacts between management and workmen, between employees and managers.

Who works in Delta Lavori SpA is loyalized, he feels himself part of a group, he tends to remain in the firm. There are many cases of employees and workers rewarded for having spent a lot of years of work in the firm.

Today the business is a consolidated entrepreneurial reality, Delta Lavori SpA projects, realizes and manages a wide range of building works, structural and infrastructural, of service and transport. Delta Lavori SpA proposes itself also as “general contractor” for the execution of all-inclusive either for private customers or public authorities.

From planning to realization, thanks to the various technician and workmen professionality, Delta Lavori SpA satisfy the different needs connected to the realization of different kind of works in ambits as: civil and industrial infrastructure, managerial and commercial and sportive units, road and transport infrastructures, urbanizations, aqueducts and water treatment, sea, environmental safeguard and reclamation works, renewable energies, restorations, project financing and concessions.

In the outline of manufacturing of big works, Delta Lavori SpA represents a business with an expert operative structure, able to manage the different activities, structuring articulated teams for an integrated and flexible answer to each customer’s exigence and request.