The current context where Delta Lavori SpA competes requires clear strategies and effective managing processes addressed to the protection and to the maximization of profit, as it is characterized by sudden macroeconomic evolutions, financial markets instability and progressive changes of the fixed normative dispositions to be complied.

As ulterior reinforce of internal control system and risk management, Delta Lavori SpA doted itself of a managing risk system since 2017 in continued development and evolution aimed to identify, to valuate, to manage and to monitor according to what is stated by the best practices of the sector.

Within the managing risk system, the enterprise defined the universe of the events of risk with a potential impact on operation, classifying them into five main risk categories which are analyzed using three risk dimensions considered relevant for the characteristics and the peculiarities of the business, as well as the context where Delta Lavori SpA operates.

  1. Business context risks
  2. Strategic risks
  3. Financial risks
  4. Legal and regulamentary risks
  5. Operative risks