In terms of competitiveness, DELTA has put in place special investments for the implementation of the new B.I.M. System, also with a view to strong process innovation, as better described in a specific section of the website.   With a strong process innovation, DELTA LAVORI has started the implementation of the new B.I.M. Building Information Modeling . BIM translates into a process of creating and managing the Virtual Information Model of a Building. The models, digitally generated on numerous computer programs, are represented through their functional physical characteristics to create a shared knowledge resource, thus forming a reliable basis for decisions on the product to be made, from conception to demolition. The progress of a similar methodological approach includes very advantageous aspects: rapid automatic extraction of all two-dimensional views in the spatial model, correlation between abacus and metric computations linked to vector drawings, implementable and customizable elements to make up the virtual buildings. This is a new method that it is intended to be much more complicated than a simple move from a paper-based design to a digital design.